Virat-Anushka’s wedding album: 24 photos


The story of the marriage of Virat and Anushka is one of the most beloved news of 2017. Many wedding photos in Italy are roaming around the internet. Enhancing every new photo enthusiasm Here are 24 photographs of this event:

1. These photos are of engagement. Anushka is seeing her husband, brother and mother-father.

2. What are the accounts of always staying together with Virat Anushka?

3. Anushka looking at Virat by loving eyes.

4. New bride in the hands of Mehndi.

5. Yo !! Virat showing his cool element in the pavilion, where Anaska tweeted.

6. Tooth of the groom.

7. Viraat receives gift on engagement.

8. The pair always remain Blessing of elders

9. Swaps of the Munds

10. Anushka in the picture of the second day of marriage.

11. ‘We became you became …’ for one second.

12. As the ring goes, the shoals are in the sea …

13. Royal Feiling

14. ‘Yes I have also set a henna:’ Virat.

15. A warm photo of friends

16. Moves are going on, thinking in mind.

17. Two junkies on whom the whole world is watching.

18. Anushka in Marun Saree and Virat in Blue Suit. Both of the engagement evening

19. The love story that started from ‘Dendruff’ and reached at the Sindur.

20. The moment when your close friends interact with you.

21. Who has brought the gift?

22. The joy of the groom

23. Gajra Mahobat Wala.

24. Picture of a few hours before marriage.

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