Surprising Claim of Scientists about ‘strange’ Things Passed near Earth

Surprising Claim of Scientists about 'strange' Things Passed near Earth

In October 2017, scientists have now made a surprising claim about passing a huge and ‘weird’ item close to earth. Scientists then referred to this cigar-shaped object as an asteroid, but after a recent research and new study, scientists now say that this object, which passed through the Earth, could be aliens spacross.

This mysterious object from the second galaxy, which scientists named ‘Omumama’. In October, scientists from the University of Hawaii saw this passing through the Earth. First they thought that this is an esteroid, but later when they studied it, they saw many things that were different from the asteroid. According to the scientists, this rescuer was in the shape of cigars and hundreds of meters long but its width was very low.

While passing through Earth, its speed was 196,000 kilometers per hour. Usually, as asteroids penetrate into our solar system, they change their direction by being influenced by the gravitational sun, but by looking at the motion of this mysterious object, scientists believe that it is out of the solar system without being influenced by the Sun’s gravitational force. Will go.

Now the scientists are preparing for the use of a giant telescope, ‘Greenbank’ for intensive research and investigating its waves. Scientists hope that through this asteroid, we can get information about some other aliens on another planet and some other mysteries of the universe.

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