This Man Really Got a Millionaire Stone

man really got a millionaire stone
Even though this Chinese person is unaware of the story of Paras stone and the gold-egg chicken, he is familiar with the stone making millionaires.

Pork in the stomach

A rural resident of China, Chu Choullou, received a stone cross. Although it is not a stone with stones stories. Bo got such a pig that, after killing, a stone-like thing emerged from the intestines in the stomach made him a millionaire. This stone from the stomach stomach has a lot of demand in the whole world. Because of this, its value is also in millions of crores.

Was first unaware 

Earlier, Bo did not realize that the strange thing was so valuable, but with the words of his neighbors he understood that this is something special. After this, he went to Shanghai with his son and was surprised to know the price of this 4-inch and 2.7 perimeter stone stone. In Shanghai, it came to know that this thing, which looks like a stone, is called a bezore. The price of Bejor received by Bo was about 4 crores. He was surprised to know that.

Big job is uncomfortable

The plummet meets the inside of the animals and is very much workable. This makes many types of medicines. Bezor, considered to be a kind of magical medicine, first appeared in England in 1600, since then it has been started as a Chinese folk medicine. It also creates injections to avoid many types of poison. There is another special thing about this stone, that it is only when the animal is found in the intestines. Now Bo has decided that he will auction it.

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