India's 5 Most Beautiful Waterfalls, Special for Boating

Usually, people talk about mountains or hill stations, even talking about natural beauty, the first thing about mountains or lakes. In addition to the mountains and lakes, let us tell you about the beautiful waterfalls of India today. 

Rajrappa waterfall

Many beautiful temples have been built here, which are very popular. This place is located at the confluence of two rivers. The tourists keep coming here for a whole year. Boating is also done here.

Jonha Waterfall

Here Lord Buddha had a bath in the river, which is named after the name of one of the villages near here. Kanchan water attracts the tourists who come here from the hills below.

Hundru waterfall

By passing through the mountains here, the Golden Line river falls below the height of about 320 ft. Its panoramic water attracts tourists coming here. Water levels rise during the rainy season, so be careful about the arrival of these days.

Diamond waterfall

This beautiful view of Jharkhand is surrounded by dense forests. 75 kilometers from Jharkhand’s capital, Ranchi. Due to the beautiful scenery surrounding it, tourists like this place very much.

Sita Waterfall

Sita Falls has located 45 km from Ranchi. It is named after mother Sita. It is very beautiful to see. If you have to spend some time relaxing, you can come here. 

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