How You Can Make Your Boring Life Sexy?


Old Romance with Return in Your Life


Generally, people consider this as commonplace that after spending a long life with them, they get boredom in their relationship. Slowly, couples start losing these hopes that now the same ‘old’ romance can come back in their relationship again. For this reason, complaints like extra marital affairs and mutual convulsions begin to grow. The concept of perfect relation is false, according to Kothari, the creation therapist. We all have their own habits and temperament which is also good and bad too. Sometimes we need to wake up again to gain somebody’s attention. We are telling you some things you can do to reinforce your relationship.

Hug me once a day


According to the relationship coach Aditi Surana, filling your partner in arms makes you believe in the two. Oxytoxin emerges from filling in arms, which are happy hormones. This increases the harmony between the two partners. Therefore, make sure to have the right partner tight and tight for a few moments every day. Significantly, extretted people love to embrace 8 times per day. According to the relationship therapist Janki Mehta, you are well-connected to each other when you get engaged.

Exercise eliminates distances


According to psychiatrist Dr. Anjali Chhabria, research has shown that if your partner is with you during any work, your performance gets better, as well as the energy level increases. When couples are exercised together, their relationship is even stronger. According to psychiatrist Padma Rewari, “I have seen this many times that when couples go to dance class together, they start connecting better. This results in a positive difference in their relationship. ‘

Set aside sleep time


At the same time, the love relationship between the couples is stronger than sleeping because it gives them time to peep into each other’s eyes. But it is not possible to sleep with your partner every day because sometimes they can be with or without friends or at work, but at least 7 days in the month you try to sleep with your partner. According to a research, couples who do not have time to sleep together and wake up does not match, they have to face a lot of difficulty in adjusting their marriage.

If you get the chance, hold hands


Padma Rewari says that by holding the hand of each other together with the beginning of the day. When you are taking a morning walk or drinking tea, then hold hands with each other. This will increase love between each other. Besides, when you go with each other on a date, sit and hold each other’s hands on the dinner table. This will give you a sense of strength in your relationship.

Thank you partner


According to research done by Georgia University in 2015, always thank your partner for making a marriage successful. Many times it happens that those who have been in a long relationship, they stop thanking one another. In such a way, by giving thanks every day you can give each other a sense of how valuable they are to you. If your partner reminds you of an important appointment, thank him so that he will like it and he will also try that you like it too.

Then keep off the phone


According to the American Psychological Association, your smartphone may cause problems in your relationship. According to Kothari, couples start separating due to gadgets. Relationships also become mechanical by this. So keep your phone closed for half an hour every day when you are with your partner. If possible, then try to make your dining table a no phone zone. This will make you feel very close to your partner.

Laugh together


Laughs your Feelgood hormones are released and this also increases your body’s immune system. Apart from this, a person of any gender feels very sexy to be a senses of humor in a person of another. To maintain the interest of your partner, you do not have to see stand-up comedy with them. Watch a comedy movie or read a comic or joke from the book you are reading, loud and loud to your partner.

Enjoy sexRomance


For the sake of work and family burden, sex is like a magic wand for every couple. If you do not have it, you start to be isolated in a physical and emotional form. According to Kothari, try to have funny sex in different positions at least once every week. For this, you can watch sexy movies together, enjoy a partner with foreplay with Kiss and Hug and do not pressure to perform well in sex.
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