Student of the year 2: टाइगर श्रॉफ ने दिखाए सिक्स पैक एब्स, बैचेन हुए दिल, मुंह से निकला…हाय!


Kings eleven punjab co-owner priety zinta angry on sehwag after defeat against rajstan royals- प्रीति जिंटा-वीरेंद्र सहवाग में जमकर बहस, दखलंदाजी से भड़के वीरू, छोड़ सकते हैं साथ?

किंग्स इलेवन पंजाब की टीम ने इस साल आईपीएल की शुरुआत शानदार तरीके से किया। शुरुआती मुकाबलों में लगातार जीत हासिल करने के बाद पंजाब की टीम अब पिछड़ती नजर आ रही... Read more »

Let the healing begin with these 8 first aid hacks!

Let the healing begin with these 8 first aid hacks! Read more »

Armless Artist Paints With Feet

Art breaks barriers! 🎨 Tom Yendell Read more »

Jadeja Took Kohli’s Wicket & Will Celebrate However Didn’t. Twitter is Trolling Him

Today it’s an RCB v/s CSK encounter; CSK is indeed a strong group and has won last 5 encounters in IPL. On the other hand, RCB hasn’t carry out that fantastic in... Read more »

Emma Watson Extends Support To Kathua Rape Victim’s Legal representative Deepika Singh Rajawat & Fans Are Divided!

Even after being warned by Jammu Bar Association to drop the case and having received death threats, Deepika Singh Rajawat emerged as a hero that the nation longed for in the contemporary... Read more »

Nicki Minaj – Chun-Li

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Fan Came Running On Field & Fell On Dhoni’s Feet. Watch Dhoni’s Reaction

CSK’s efficiency in this IPL season has actually been merely amazing. From 10, the team has already won 7 matches, consequently making their fans very delighted. Today, CSK beat RCB by 6... Read more »

Amitabh Bachchan Requests Twitter To Increase His Followers Again. Badly Trolled By Twitterati

Amitabh Bachchan seems to have landed into a deep problem with microblogging site Twitter. If you remember, his followers on Twitter were reduced and it came down to 32 million which was... Read more »

Dhoni Had Trolled Jadeja With These 6 Tweets. Enjoyed His Wit & Humor

Ravindra Jadeja is attempting to provide his finest efficiency in CSK but few days back, he got trolled for his bad program in the match against KKR. He dropped 2 catches of... Read more »