Bees saal baad: Salman Khan is convicted in the poaching case after Twenty Years. How’s that for Indian Requirement Time?.


Bees saal baad: Salman Khan is convicted in the poaching case after 20 years. How’s that for Indian Standard Time? Some

reporters who started their professions covering the Salman Khan blackbuck poaching case have ended it covering the Salman Khan blackbuck poaching case. After twenty long years of passing the dollar, the judiciary has shown that it remains in no state of mind to buck the trend of endlessly long lawsuit. In the desi legal system filing a case can cost you deer. People are singing the famous Beatles tune to court of law: “Will you still need me, will you still feed me, when I’m sixty-four?”

But then bees saal baad is just Indian Standard Time. More than bees saal baad we still don’t understand if previous PM Rajiv Gandhi was the “genuine” recipient in the Bofors deal. More than bees saal baad, victims of the Bhopal gas tragedy still claim they have not got justice, more than bees saal baad the victims of the 1984 riots too still wait for closure from the courts. Bees saal baad, Lalu Prasad’s chaara ghotala continues to offer fodder for his political rivals, even if the case goes back to the mid-1990s.

When there are celebrities included, the system clearly gets star stuck. Star Sanjay Dutt first implicated in the 1993 bomb blast case was convicted only bees saal bad in 2013. In the 1995 tandoor murder case, the politician who chose that he didn’t wish to be a kebab mein haddi and rather attempted to develop a tandoori other half was sentenced almost bees saal baad in 2013. The only clock ticking in Indian courts is the grandfather clock. The long line of pending cases means justice is always hanging in the balance. Submit a case in an Indian court and the magistrate is likely to price estimate the words of poet Robert Browning: “Grow old along with me! The finest is yet to be.”

When it comes to film star versus animal, the media ends up being a pack of wildebeest. Salman is a deer hunter however paparazzi are star hunters. Quipped the internet wag, although poached salmon readies to consume, a poaching Salman is a not-so-palatable media circus. After twenty years and a sentence of 5 years, the court even fined Salman a royal amount of Rs 10,000. Now bees saal baad, that really seems like little change in the judicial system. Kanoon zinda hai but like the tiger, fast justice is a threatened types.

DISCLAIMER: This article is meant to bring a smile to your face. Any connection to occasions and characters in reality is coincidental.

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