8 undependable stories you can never dislike! – 8 undependable stories you will never ever lose interest in!

8 unreliable narratives you can never lose interest in!

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The Life of Pi

Yann Martel’s bestselling unique, The Life of Pi, is archetypal of the undependable story. The novel is a first-person narration by protagonist Piscine Molitor Patel who survives a shipwreck and sustains through 227 days stranded with a tiger on a lifeboat in the Pacific Ocean.

The Girl on the Train

This psychological thriller by Paula Hawkins ruled at the NYT Bestseller list for 13 weeks. The book is written in the first-person story from the perspective of 3 women. The stunning unspooling of realities that Paula Hawkins make will leave you hooked to the book till completion.

Gone Girl

The most racy bestseller book of recent times across the world, Gone Woman by Gillain Flynn is a suspense thriller. The thriller is constructed by the undependable narrators Nick Dunne and Amy in the very first half of the book. The 2nd half unfold the truths and covert truths.

Elizabeth is Missing

Elizabeth is Missing is the launching novel of author Emma Healey who was brave enough to select a storyteller heroine with dementia. This unputdownable debut book is a ‘mental interplay’ and a best read for those who like the category of undependable narrative.



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